Training / Workshops

Acoustic Camera Workshop in Berlin
Acoustic Camera Workshop in Berlin
Acoustic Camera Training in small groups
Acoustic Camera Training in small groups
GFaI e.V. building in Berlin
gfai tech offices in Berlin

The gfai tech offers different kinds of Acoustic Camera trainings and other workshops on acoustic topics.
The events take place at our training center in Berlin. Depending on the event, we work in small groups on several working stations or use our conference room for lectures for up to 80 participants.

Training Acoustic Camera

In this training the participants learn everything about the design and function of our systems. Moreover, we teach the participants the basics of acoustics.

User workshop Acoustic Camera

For everyone who has worked with an Acoustic Camera before, this workshop is a possibility for interaction with other users. In addition, an introduction into news and updates of the software NoiseImage and further development of the hardware will be given.

Different trainings and workshops regarding several acoustic topics

  • Psychoacoustics
  • Automotive topics
  • and more...