System Rentals

Array Selection of the Acoustic Camera of the gfai tech GmbH

With our system rental services it is possible to rent an acoustic system from us for customer orders or for certain projects. We advise and consult our clients on questions of choosing a system and the right components. Furthermore we assist during preparation as well as before and after the measurement.

Rental Objects

We offer for renting or leasing: 

  • A complete system of the Acoustic Camera
  • Microphone arrays
  • Data recorder
  • Noise Image Software
  • Mobile power supply
  • 3D-Scanner
  • and more...


It is possible to rent on either a weekly or a monthly basis or to lease a system. Depending on the measurement task, the training on the rental system takes place either at your premises or at our training center in Berlin.


It is especially useful to rent systems for one-time measurements and projects. This way clients can work with the latest equipment and the recent system, without being obliged to do a purchase.

Furthermore we assist you in

  • setting up the hardware
  • the operation of the software
  • performing the analysis
  • developing a suitable measurement campaign
  • logistic processes
  • and more...