Acoustic Measurements

Measurement with the Acoustic Camera in the Faist Testing Room of the gfai tech GmbH
Sphere 48 in E-Class
Multiarray measurement - underbody and cabin-noise
Multiarray measurement - underbody and cabin-noise
Acoustic Camera measurement of a train pass-by
Acoustic Camera measurement of a train pass-by
Acoustic Camera Star48 measurement of a strip mining excavator
Acoustic Camera Star48 measurement of a strip mining excavator
Measurement with the Acoustic Camera in the Dunes

A measurement with the Acoustic Camera localizes the sound emissions precisely and conducts information about the noise and its composition.

Depending on the application, the appropriate equipment for the measurement and the ideal algorithm for the analysis are chosen. 

In the process it is possible to create frequency- and spectral analysis, acoustic pictures or movies (in 2D or 3D), order analysis or psychoacoustic weightings. In addition, sources can be virtually erased and signals correlated. There are different filters to be used and the results can be exported to different file-formats.

The wide evaluable frequency range and the high time resolution of the Acoustic Camera enables various applications in different acoustic environments.

Measurement Objective

  • Frequencies from 20 Hz 40 kHz (or higher for certain applications)
  • Objects from the size of a dice up to complete industrial sites
  • In all kinds of environments: from acoustic laboratories to factory workshops
  • If required, additional signals can be recorded such as rpm, angle, velocity etc.; this information can be included in the analysis
  • Three-dimensional measurement tasks with subsequent mapping onto 3D models (from customer or created with our scanning systems especially for the contract)
  • Room acoustic analysis
  • Psychoacoustic analysis

Fields of application

  • Interior and free field measurements
  • Near and far field measurements
  • Faist Acoustic Room

Benefit from our vast experience in the automotive industry, in engine construction, in room acoustics, with wind-power plants, railway vehicles, industrial plants, consumer products, and in many more fields of application.

Acoustic measurements under optimal acoustic conditions are possible in the Faist Acoustic Room at the TH Wildau. The acoustic optimized, anechoic room offers enough space for a car.


Service measurements can be conducted on site together with the customer or, in case of smaller objects, in our offices in Berlin.

Due to its quick and easy set-up, the Acoustic Camera is operational within minutes and first results are available just as quickly. To achieve optimal results, we are happy to consider your specific questions.

Depending on the individual requirements, we can record additional signals directly on site with our data recorder or create a 3D model of the object, measured with one of our scanning systems.

Naturally, you will receive all the data collected during the measurement campaign and - if desired - a comprehensive test report, with acoustic images, movies, and sound samples.



Your Benefits

  • Quick implementation: We can respond quickly to requests. The measurements are being conducted quickly and without any interruptions in the workflow.
  • Precise measurement: 100% customized measurements
  • Flexible utilization: Our systems are portable and can be used on site - e.g. in a car, due to our mobile power supply. The measurement can be conducted at the customer's site or at our offices in Berlin. By using our measurement services, long procurement cycles can be avoided.
  • Competent service: We have a high degree of experience in measurement and the analysis of the results. Moreover, we only use the latest technology that suits the applications requirements the best. Nevertheless, if results cannot be obtained with the measurement equipment at hand, you will not be charged for the service.