3D Scanning Solutions

Faro 3D-Scanner
Faro 3D-Scanner
Faro 3D-Scanner
Faro 3D-Scanner

Our different scanning systems are able to create accurate 3D models of various objects of different sizes.

All collected data is available in common 3D formats.

Further analysis - e.g. to carry out quality control via variance analysis or to complete or combine data and much more - can easily be performed by us.

Your benefits

  • The considerable experience of our measurement engineers 
  • No need to purchase measurement equipment for non-recurring or urgent tasks
  • Newest and most suitable technology for your application
  • Different software for analysis and further processing
  • Fast and straightforward completion of the scanning process
  • Flexible use of the systems
  • Measurements at your site or in our company  
  • Precision up to micrometres


Measurement process

  • Infrared system
  • White-light system
  • Laser-scan System
  • Coordinate measuring system with different probes

Depending on the size of the object, scanning can be performed at our offices in Berlin or directly at the object’s site. With our mobile scan-systems we are able to work outside and independently from any power source. Our high precision system guarantees resolutions higher than 0,1 mm!


  • Reverse engineering
  • 3D digitization
  • Construction and building technology
  • Cultural heritage/digitization of archeological and cultural goods or sites
  • Forensics
  • Quality control, actual vs target comparisons
  • Precise deformation analysis

If you have any questions concerning a 3D measurement do not hesitate to contact us – we are looking forward to working with you.