Services/ Measurements with the Acoustic Camera

We offer a wide range of services including contract measurements for acoustic analyses and the generation of 3D-models of any kind. Moreover it is possible to rent or lease all of our systems from us.

For further education it is possible to attend different trainings, workshops or seminars regarding acoustics, 3D scanning, and 3D modeling.

The development of individual software and hardware solutions for special requests is another service of the gfai tech GmbH.

Acoustic Measurement

For full service acoustic measurements and analysis, the complete equipment is being provided and the measurement is conducted for the customer directly on site.

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interior 3d scanning

3D Scanning

For 3D scanning of objects we can offer optimal assistment with our diverse scanning systems - either in Berlin or on-site.

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System Rentals

gfai tech offers an attractive rental program for the seperate components like Arrays or NoiseImage as well as Acoustic Camera systems for renting and leasing.

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