Software NoiseImage

Display a variety of analyses simultaneously: time-, frequency-, rpm- and space-selective.

During the development of the software, ease of use has been particularly focused on, covering important user questions and the overall quality and stability of the software. The basic, intuitive, and graphically oriented user interface has been continuously upgraded based on user feedback.

The complete software is based on a plug-in concept.
 Extending the basic module, every functional plug-in brings along its own graphical interface and its own tools. The users can decide which functions they really need and can thus arrange a tailor-made software system.

NoiseImage: Acquisition, evaluation and storage of data, acoustic images and movies

Acoustic Movie Module

Acoustic Movie

Calculation of a series of Acoustic Photos as an Acoustic Movie with up to 192.000 f/s. Includes video sync for external high resolution or high speed video application.

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Acoustic Photo 3D Module

Acoustic Photo 3D

Third dimension to the Acoustic Photo by mapping the sound sources onto a common interior or exterior CAD model instead of a single 2D plane.

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Order Analysis Module

Order Analysis

Order-Spectra as well as Ordergrams with order- and frequency cursors and order filtering allowing analysis of rotating equipment.

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Driving car - CAN data


Supports connecting CAN Bus data in NoiseImage and allows analysis in combination with classic beamforming application.

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Importing and exporting channel data. Using third party data acquisition while still analyzing recorded data in NoiseImage.

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