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Acoustic Camera: Intelligent problem solver – universally applicable

The Acoustic Camera was the first commercially viable system using beamforming to visually localize acoustic emissions. Brought to the market in 2001 as a pioneer technique, the Acoustic Camera has become a metaphor over the years for beamforming systems in general. The tool is now used in a variety of industries and has a growing customer base worldwide.

The original Acoustic Camera is a one-stop system developed fully in-house. Data Acquisition, Microphone Arrays and Software come fully integrated. That is only one of the many reasons why we outperfom any solution on the market.

Microphone Arrays

Individually configurable system

For different applications we offer various arrays. Take a look at the different types of arrays.

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Software NoiseImage

Individually configurable system

The cutting-edge software for Beamforming and Nearfield applications. Customizable by modular structure.

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Useful accessories for your Acoustic Camera

Find useful accessories for your AC Pro system such as adaptors or mobile power supply.

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