State-of-the-art solution for sound mapping in the wind tunnel

Customised wind tunnel solutions for your individual application

The field of aeroacoustics gained in importance especially in aerospace and automotive industry. The identification of aerodynamically created sounds and its reduction are the main focus. Besides the acoustical optimization another goal of aeroacoustics is a comfortable vibration climate in vehicles.

For this purpose, extensive measurements of the sounds generated by the engine, the auxiliaries and the power transmission need to be conducted, as well as the investigation of tires, road and aerodynamic noise.

We offer all-round service for investigating and measuring the aeroacoustics of objects in wind tunnels. Many german and international companies of the automotive and aerospace industry draw on our experience in acoustics and aeroacoustics.

Individual developments for arrays with at least 168 microphone channels

Optimized workflow for wind tunnel solutions

The completely in-house developed software provides a wind tunnel module where application-specific settings like shear-layer correction and wind speed can be made. Real-time functionality and optimized measurement cycles guarantee quick results.

On hardware side different microphone arrays with at least 168 microphone channels can be optimized for individual wind tunnel applications.

Upon request, an automatic 3D acquisition of the measurement object (e.g. for frequently changing clay objects) can be implemented into the three-dimensional acoustic mapping.

Software, hardware and front-ends can be individually adjusted for customer requirements, because everything is self-developed. The state-of-the-art technology proved itself in many applications and gets continuously improved by our development department in cooperation with international leading aeroacousticians.