About us

gfai tech GmbH was founded in 2006 and specializes in the development, production and worldwide distribution of leading-edge technologies. As a subsidiary of GFaI e.V. (Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Sciences) it is located in the science and technology park Berlin-Adlershof. The Acoustic Camera was created in the Signal Processing department of GFaI e.V. where R&D is carried out to this day.

gfai tech is dedicated to manufacturing products at the highest engineering standards and safety features to add value to our customers’ businesses. Our vision is led by continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring maximum comfort and service for our customers.

About GFaI e.V.

GFaI e.V. (Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Science) was founded in 1990 and is located in Berlin-Adlershof.

GFaI e.V. offers research and development services as well as scientific services and the realization of research projects. During the past years, GFaI e.V. has been involved in a substantial number of successful cooperation projects between small and medium-sized businesses, research establishments and major enterprises.

The majority of the 100+ employees in research and development hold university degrees in technical/ natural sciences or mathematics.

Further information is available here: www.gfai.de

Fields of Expertise

  • Image Processing / Industrial Applications (BVIA)
  • Image Processing / Document Analysis (BV/DA)
  • 3D Data Processing (3D-DV)
  • Graph Based Engineering Systems (Graphing)
  • Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM)
  • Signal Processing / Acoustic Camera
  • Adaptive Modelling / Pattern Recognition
  • Text Mining and Analytics (DME)
  • Hardware and Interference Systems

For more information please visit: www.gfai.de


gfai tech GmbH
Managing Director: Gunnar Heilmann


GFaI e.V.
Dept. for Signal Processing: Dirk Döbler

Managing Director: Dr. Frank Weckend

Chairman of the Board of Management: Prof. Dr. Alfred Iwainsky

Phone: +49 (0) 30 81 45 63-300

For more information please visit www.gfai.de
Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik e.V.


Ongoing opportunities – please get in touch. Suitable applications are always welcome! If you are interested in joining our team please send an email to Anna Blattner at blattner(at)gfaitech.de

We have several topics fit for bachelor, master or PhD student research available – if you are interested please contact us to review the list or come forward with your own proposal: university(at)gfaitech.de